Shipping & Pre-Orders

All Orders Ship within 1 Business Day (Except PRE-ORDERS)  *Excludes Weekends & Holidays*


Please refer to the shipping time on the item for specific time. Preorders ship after release, in the approximate time listed on the item (typically 6-8 weeks but view item for details).Once a package is delivered, we are NOT responsible for the package being lost or stolen. Please be sure to have a safe mail location. We are responsible for all lost shipments, unless it has been delivered and at that point it is your, the buyers responsibility at all times. On a pre order, if you have moved prior to shipment of the item, you must email us with the order number and the new address you would like us to ship to.


Once your Order has Shipped, Tracking # Info will be Emailed.

If you order a pre order please be positive and willing to wait for item to release. You cannot request an order cancellation within one week of official release. There will always be a cancellation fee if you request to cancel the order except for only one scenario (outlined below). See below for details.


Pre Orders are in general guaranteed. There are ONLY a few exceptions in which a pre order would not be and we would have to issue store credit.

One, is if the release is completely cancelled with no foreseeable planned release of any kind. We are not subject to a brand pushing back a release date, so if cancellation requested will be subject to fee. A pre order must be 10 months or more past the date you placed the order and from that 10 months on have no foreseeable release date and on our end appear to be cancelled to be able to cancel the order without cancellation fee. Full STORE CREDIT can be sent for the order at that time. There is only one exception where a refund can be given instead of store credit. If you wish to no longer place any future orders on the site, we will issue a refund instead of the store credit option. But that is the only exception and that means you or anyone in your household will no longer be able to place any future orders.

A pre order is also not guaranteed is if say a brand completely changes the release method in which the item becomes unobtainable. for example Nike cancels all instore releases and releases online online. That would be subject to full refund and is out of our hands

This may pertain to larger pre orders. The sizes we ship could change slightly. We do not try to ever change to sizes if changed they will be similar market value sizes. But know bulk pre orders could be shipped in slightly different quantity of each sizes based off allocation. This is not common and we do our best to make this never happen.

All products are brand new and 100% authentic

For any item questions please email at